Natron 100 is a unique festival mixed with music, adventure, food and drink, paralleled only by the distinct characteristics of it’s location. 

Natron 100, a 3 day, 2 night music and adventure festival nestled within the sands dunes with a natural spring coursing through. A celebration of nature, culture and adventure. A gastronomic thrill with signature cocktails and free-flowing wine. 



 This spectacular event will be November 9th to 10th, 11th 2018. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So mark up your calendars, folks! 


Set in Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, the festival is set amidst the majestic active volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai and the eerie soda ash lake, Lake Natron. The active volcano Lengai, the only active carbonatite volcano in the world, dominates the landscape and affects every aspect of the ecology. The 70km Lake Natron is infused with the ash from Lengai and it's alkaline waters are home to a surprisingly large variety of flora, fauna and avifauna. It is the single largest breeding ground for the lesser flamingo. 


Tickets & Pricing

The cost of this one-of-a-kind event is from 250USD for the whole 3 day weekend. Prices being finalised now as we try to get the government to assist anyway they can and sponsors too. As we are pre launch on the sales please note that we are looking for sponsors to be part of this amazing event. If you want to be part of one of the most innovative festivals in Africa that gives back massively to the community, has an incredible location and LIVE STEAMING through social media then you need to contact us (talk to Nura, Ake, Candice, Nelson).

What bang am I getting for my buck?

  1. Activities fees (20USD), bednight fees (20USD/per person/night), government entry fees (30USD) and 18% VAT

  2. Dinner Friday night, Saturday night and brunch Sunday morning

  3. Free access to beverages (beer, wine and signature cocktails) - DURING THE PERFORMANCES STARTING AT 6PM. Please note!!!

  4. Entrance to live performances and dance parties with live DJs

  5. Cost to participate in village activities - waterfalls, footprints, local walks.

  6. Shuttles to and from accommodation sites to concert venue

The fine print... in LARGE print

The following are NOT included in the price of the ticket:

  1. Accommodation (see a list of places to STAY)

  2. Roundtrip transportation to the event (this is included if you book the Festival and Transport Package)

  3. Village gate fees upon entering Lake Natron region and transiting throughout

  4. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday (Can be found at some of the camps around the area or in the Maasai Village nearby).

  5. Plane tour and Ol Doinyo Lengai climb are not included in ticket price

The activities! Coming Soon…

Waterfalls Hike | Flamingo Lake Walk | Swimming | Rock Climbing | Morning Yoga | Hominid Footprints Walk | Sundowners.

Mount Lengai - Follow the link for more details about climbing this spectacular volcano, either before or after the festival.

The Great Rift Valley Trek - Follow the link for more details about doing this dramatic trek, either before or after the festival.

The Great Rift Valley Trek & Walking in the Footsteps of Man Combined - Follow the link for more details about doing this epic one week trek, either before or after the festival.