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The festival venue is at Lake Natron Camp, Ngare Sero. From Arusha you can drive either on the LONGIDO route or MTO WA MBU route. Please note that good quality and well serviced 4x4 vehicles are required to get to Natron.. Preferably with a snorkel. Once at Ngare Sero village by Lake Natron, you will be met at the Ngare Sero gate. Our team will be there from 12 noon. From there our team will be able to direct you to the various camping grounds and lodges.

LONGIDO ROUTE: drive out on the Nairobi road towards Namanga. It takes around 1 1/2 hours to get to Longido. Just on the Namanga side of Longido town is a left turn on to a dirt road. This road goes to KITUMBEINI village, then to GELAI BOMBA. From there drive towards Lengai, turn right and drive around lengai to Ngare Sero village. That sector can be anything from 3 hours to 5 hours depending on conditions.

MTO WA MBU ROUTE: drive south on the Dodoma road. At Makayuni turn right towards Lake Manyara / Mto Wa Mbu. Before you get to Mto Wa Mbu (approx 3km before) there is a right turn towards Silela / Engaruka. Drive on this dirt road for approx 3 hours (passing Silela villages and Engaruka) and arrive at Ngare Sero gate. 5 to 7 hours route depending on conditions.